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Knights of Saint Andrew

Valley of Huntsville, AL

Founded November 1, 2003

The Knights of Saint Andrew (KSA) is a service organization developed for 32º Black Cap Members. The principal goals of the KSA are to provide an opportunity for Black Cap members to play a larger role within the Consistory; to help members become more active in the Consistory as a whole; and to promote the Scottish Rite within Freemasonry.

Our Blue Lodge teaches us that the principal tenets of Freemasonry are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. As exemplified in the Scottish Rite 29th degree, we are taught the great virtues of knighthood: humility; patience;self denial; charity; generosity; clemency; virtue; truth; and honor.

A Council of the KSA has been established in the Huntsville Valley. Those 32º members who are members of the Knights of St.Andrew, Scottish Rite, Valley of Huntsville have made their commitment to promote and provide selfless dedication to our Masonic Fraternity within the Scottish Rite, our community, our jurisdiction, and our state.

There are three classes of membership: Regular (32°); Emeritus (32°KCCH & 33° Brothers who have been advanced since becoming Regular members); Honorary (32°KCCH & 33° Brothers who have not been Regular members. This is by invitation only). Emeritus and Honorary members may not hold office or vote, although they may have an advisory voice in Council discussions.

Our chosen tartan is “USASt. Andrews,” shown as the upper left corner.

Download the By-Laws.

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