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Posted on September 4, 2018 at 6:35 AM


I feel like we’ve had a slow start to this year with all the rain we’ve been besieged with so far. And I know many have been sequestered at home with flu and strep and all sorts of Winter illnesses. But Spring is coming, and many lodges are emerging from their Winter hibernation. Many events are being scheduled around the Valley including the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Huntsville  on March 16th. I’m particularly excited for that one as we have invited the entire Masonic Community to come out and march together as one big family. I hope you will make an effort to join us and celebrate all Masonry has to offer North Alabama. We'll meet in the lot across from the Clinton Post Office at 10:30.  The parade is less than 2 miles and we'll head to Solar Lodge afterward for refreshments.

I attended the chartering of Endeavor Day Lodge #934. We had a full room at the event including members of all local masonic organizations. It was quite a gathering and I hope to see many more coming. The idea that Masonry is dying apparently didn’t make it to those in attendance. We had a completely full parking lot and had to seek overflow parking.

We’re looking towards the Spring reunion with great anticipation. Reunion time is always a fun opportunity to get together with brothers we don’t see often enough. If you know of anyone who has expressed some interest in the Scottish Rite or you know of a Master Mason who would appreciate the exposure to further Light, invite them to submit a petition.

We’re always looking for people to man a degree team, take on a volunteer role on VMAP, help hand out awards for JROTC, cook for fund raisers or just get in the line in the lodge. Whatever your interest is, we can likely find a good spot for you. The first thing is to come out and meet your Brothers, 1st Monday of every month, 3008 9th Avenue, Huntsville at 6:00 PM.

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